3rd Annual NY Funny Songs Fest 2014

Feedback 101: Comedy / Music Industry Panel

Guys! It’s just a few weeks until the festival, and things are starting to shape up really nicely. Today, we’re going to highlight one of the shows on the festival that we’re really excited about, and that’s our industry panel, "Feedback 101". 

We have some really great guests on the panel, including Lisa Niedermeyer of Fractured Atlas speaking about www.nycpaspaces.org, how important it is to have a great space to create the funny songs we write and some resources on how to find that space. Janine DiTullio, head writer of Adult Swim’s Super Jail and the first female writer to be hired to write for both Conan O’Brien and Jon Stewart will also be with us, speaking on her experiences parlaying writing comedy for the stage into a lucrative comedy career. Director producer Danny Hastings who has photographed some of the most important people in music today and now has his own production company, AtomicusFilms will also talk about his experiences carving out his own niche within the industry. 

Other special guests TBA. 

If you love comedy, if you love music, if you love comedy music, if you like to learn and grow as a human being, Do. Not. Miss. This. Event. 

You can get your tickets here.